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Our online clinic offers confidential Australia-wide bloodwork testing for those on PEDs.

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100% Confidential, and no awkward face-to-face conversations, save time and money by getting your GP ordered pathology referral online directly through us, rather than visiting a doctor or GP.

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Take your GP requested pathology test referral to your choice of any of the over 10,000 Pathology Collection Centre’s – they’re located all-over Australia – and get tested.

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Why do people get tested with Roidsafe?

  1. An evidence-based approach: Using non-prescribed PIEDs is illegal. For this reason, it can be hard to access important medical information about how usage affects health. Before Roidsafe, steroid users had to rely on second-hand information from other users within their community. While we understand why they’d seek advice from other users, this guesswork and anecdotes may not be relevant to their own unique body. Regular Roidsafe testing gives you real scientific insight into how your body functions pre, during and post-cycle, so you can make informed decisions about your steroid use. Every body is different. Testing is vital to monitor and maintain good health no matter the stage of usage you are at.  
  2. Anonymity: You don’t have to face a doctor. You can simply follow our easy referral process and get your results sent directly to you. We’ve made this process as seamless as possible, to encourage more people to understand how steroids may be affecting their health. We want to empower you to investigate the impacts in a safe, secure & confidential way. 
  3. Steroid side effects are real: Many users report an array of adverse effects of AAS & PIED use, ranging from mild to serious. Some symptoms even have long-term implications. Roidsafe lets you detect, understand and adapt to minimise the harm.  

If you are about to start using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), non-prescribed Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and/or other Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs), Roidsafe is for you. 

How does testing work?

We provide bloodwork pathology referrals for testing to ensure the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) community, and all those using AAS and PIEDs can monitor and ensure their good health. We are not testing for the presence of illegal substances in your blood. We are testing for the potential impact of these substances on your body. Read the full list of tests here. 

We eliminate the barriers that would stop you visiting your doctor to get access to test results. Say goodbye to awkward conversations and the anxiety of explaining why you may need these tests done. With Roidsafe, you can get access to confidential pathology screening without an in-person consultation.  

We provide you with a pathology referral. You can take it to one of the 10,000 Pathology Clinics Australia-wide.  

How do I get my results?

You will receive your test results directly to our secure app, which you’ll download onto your mobile phone. We put the power in your hands. Get Roidsafe tested today.