Harm Minimisation

At Roidsafe, we care about your health. We don’t judge, we’re a safe place to get you the medical tests you really need.  

So, what is harm minimisation?  

 Use of non-prescribed steroids is prevalent and most users aren’t able to access medical support due to the stigma of their usage. We’re here to break down those barriers. What you put into your body is your business – we just want to give you the best chance to make informed decisions based on science.  

Harm minimisation means we acknowledge steroid use, and we’re here to make it as safe as possible for you. We don’t encourage it, but we come from a medical perspective rather than a legal or moral view. If you want to use non-prescribed steroids, we want to help you monitor your health. Steroid use can have adverse effects on the human body. These effects are compounded by the barriers to accessing healthcare. Mentioning the wore ‘steroids’ at your family GP can feel impossible. Here’s where Roidsafe steps in.  

Our testing process removes the need for face-to-face doctor’s appointments and gets you tested fast. Our tests allow you to look at how your body is doing, on the inside. While using steroids can give obvious external results – there’s a lot going on inside your body too. It’s vital you know what’s really going on to save you from unwanted and potentially serious side effects.  

With our 3-point Roidsafe testing process, we give you insight into your body before, during, and after use. We put the power of medical information directly in your hands. For the first time, you can make informed decisions about your steroid use, health, and training.  

IMPORTANT:  Roidsafe’s harm minimisation approach is in line with the National Drug Strategy. It acknowledges the inherent risks of drug use and the range of supports needed to progressively reduce drug-related harm to the user, the community, and families. Roidsafe does not condone the use of illicit drugs. 

DID YOU KNOW? The Roidsafe testing process is 100% confidential, with the same doctor-patient confidentiality as a face-to-face medical appointment. The information you provide regarding use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) or performance, and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs), will be kept confidential unless the use is putting your life or another life at risk. 

THERE IS NO MANDATORY REPORTING OBLIGATION FOR OUR ROIDSAFE DOCTORS: Our doctors are not required by law to report steroid use in their patients.