About Us

Roidsafe is an online telehealth clinic providing pathology referrals. We are powered by Hyphen Health, specialising in digital health platforms. By taking location out of the equation and providing a safe confidential space for people to investigate issues they may not feel comfortable visiting a GP to talk about, Hyphen Health welcomes everyone and encourages good health. Hyphen Health is revolutionising the way we think about healthcare. Hyphen Health and Roidsafe are passionate about making healthcare more accessible.  

Founded in 2015 by a former-restaurateur and a doctor, Hyphen Health is innovating new Australian healthcare solutions. James Sneddon (the entrepreneur) and Dr Mitchell Tanner (the GP) share an interest in removing the barriers stopping people from accessing healthcare. Their ground-breaking sexual health testing platform, Stigma Health, has proven Hyphen Health’s reputation as leaders in telehealth and confidential online healthcare. This trailblazing online service has received widespread media buzz, including PedestrianTV & Vogue. Roidsafe is the newest platform launched by Hyphen Health and is already a game-changer.   

James Sneddon and Dr. Mitchell Tanner aim to revolutionise the healthcare industry and believe strongly in the power of new technology for the greater good. There are many reasons why people don’t seek out the medical tests they should – these range from financial, limited medical resources in a region to the stigma attached with some presenting issues. The dynamic duo seeks to tackle all of these barriers to healthcare so that every Australian feels comfortable to get the tests they need, when they need them.  

We want to make your life easier

We want to improve your health

We want you to know this is 100% confidential.

Why are we so passionate about making people pee in cups and get basic blood tests?

Let’s play a little game of Did You Know?

Did you know

  1. Over 150,000 Australians are reported to have used anabolic-androgenic steroids last year.
  2. People starting steroids are usually between 20-24 years old, but
  3. I growing contingent of men over 40 years old are using AAS for anti-aging purposes.
  4. The average body mass index (BMI) of Australians on AAS is 28. There is no stereotype. 

These are the reasons why we have provided our solution to overcome all reasons you are not being health screened.

With a Roidsafe pathology test, there is:

  • It is 100% confidential. You have 100% doctor-patient confidentiality.
  • No awkward conversations or explanations with the doctor about why
  • No need for multiple visits to the doctor and a Pathology
    Centre and potentially time off work to do all that
  • Over 10,000 pathology collection partners, Australia wide.
  • Flexibility based on your schedule.

Your Roidsafe Pathology test referral will cost you $49.99, your appointment at the Pathology Centre will take a small amount of your day compared to the usual process and your results are delivered to you securely and in the privacy of your own home and if you need more help we’re here for that too.

Let’s work together to look after your body and health today!

100% Confidential.

Please be assured your testing through Roidsafe stays 100% between yourself and your doctor and Roidsafe team.

Possession and use of non-prescribed AAS is not a mandatorily reported offense, we do not report it.

Roidsafe information isn’t passed to a third party unless:

  1. YOU or someone else’s life or health is in immediate danger.
  2. Insurers request your medical records – prior to cover, to assess a claim or ascertain any non-disclosure information which may make a claim invalid.

Go Get Tested. Be Sure. Be Negative.

Got Questions?

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