Regular Testing

Regular Testing

Train Hard. Stay Health. Test Regularly.

Regular Roidsafe testing lets you check in with your body. You’ll get access to vital results so you can monitor the effects of your steroid use and keep an eye on what’s happening inside your body. If you’re training hard and using non-prescribed substances, it’s vital you know how they’re affecting you. We recommend regular testing to optimise your health throughout the year.  

How often should I get tested? 

In order to really dig into how your steroid use is impacting your body, it’s best practice to establish a baseline record of your body functioning before a cycle. Testing at this time gives you something to refer back to. Then, test while using, and importantly – once you have finished a cycle.   

We call this 3-point testing and it’s the best chance you’ve got of staying healthy. It’s the smartest way we know to help you steer clear of some really bad side effects many steroid-users report. Your test results will empower you to make better decisions for your overall training outcomes and overall health combined.  

A follow-up test 12 weeks after completing a cycle is also recommended. 

How does it work?  

When choosing your Roidsafe tests, select ‘Three points of testing. $43.33 ea. SAVE 33%’. This gives you three referrals to use at your convenience. You’ll then have the freedom to map out your tests to correspond with the important times of your cycle.  

Train hard. Be smart. Get Roidsafe tested today.